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Ultra Magic Kit...

The latest edition to the Astonishing Magic range.

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About The Kits

Magic is my passion. My whole life has been devoted to it. I learnt my craft from reading books written by some of the masters if magic, spending hours in the library poring over manuscripts to discover their hidden secrets. The Astonishing Magic Kit, Ultra is my latest magic offering. Perfect for budding magicians 8 years and above. In my ‘Ultra Kit’ I give you my favourite and most exciting illusions to learn and perform yourself. You will be able to amaze and mystify family and friends like a professional.

The ‘Ultra Kit’ includes, vanishing silk, self-tying shoelaces, vanishing card box, levitating objects, pen through selected card, blank paper to real money in a flash, silk through phone exciting card tricks and many more! The kit includes all the high quality props required for performing the illusions, an instructional booklet and online PERSONAL teaching tutorials from me! I’m excited to share my knowledge so that hopefully, you too can become a master illusionist. So what are you waiting for?

Video Tutorials

For detailed magic effects and tips on how to use your Cosentino Marked Cards enter your SECRET code from the Cosentino/Queens Slipper instruction sheet to access the exclusive videos.


Equipment List

Card Tricks

Vanishing Card Box

Finger Lights

T - T

Silk Through Phone

Blank Paper To Money

Pen Through Card

Vanishing Silk

Self Tying Shoe Lace

Wallet Switcher