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Elegance in design

Cosentino has set a new level of elegance in playing card design and this is clearly evident the moment they are in your hands.

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About The Cards

Cosentino branded playing cards are printed by the #1 playing card manufacture in Australia, Queen's Slipper. Since the 1920’s Queen's Slipper have created professional playing cards and have been the industry standard among casinos, magicians and gamblers alike. Their brand is synonymous with playing cards. 

This beautiful, one of a kind deck, with their slip finish and slick design are a must have for any card enthusiast. However, there is much more to this deck than meets the eye. With in this deck is a secret code that allows you to perform the most insane magic tricks. Your truly only limited by your own imagination.  

Video Tutorials

For detailed magic effects and tips on how to use your Cosentino Marked Cards enter your SECRET code from the Cosentino/Queens Slipper instruction sheet to access the exclusive videos.


Utility trick 1

Utility trick 2

Utility trick 3

Trick 2

Trick 3

Trick 4

Trick 5

Trick 6

Trick 7

Trick 8